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Let´s take a look under the cover of the team preparing for the Czech Championship. Although the players make up the whole game and have the majority of the victory, who is the brain of the whole team? Definitely a coach.

You have an unique chance to read an interview with our coach called Alin „Movila“ Roberto.

From the previous article, you can remember that our coach is originally from Romania and now he is spending time in Spain not only because of family and studying, but certainly also because of the energy he gains and flips into the game and training. There are times we want to a lifetime and we think that this interview would be one of them. Sit and read it for yourself and find out who Alin really is.

1. You come from Romania. How did it happen that you have been living in Spain since you were 11 years old?

I live in Spain because my parents came here, since then, I did here all my studies until now. 

2. You are still a student. Can we know what are you studying?

I’ve performed a bachellor degree in Economics and now I’m in a master of Quantitative Finances and Banking.

3. What made you start playing esports? What does the family say?

When I was 5 years old, my parents bought me a computer and since then my passion for games started. I have the support of my family and it has been easy to make them understand that times change and Esports are here to stay. 

4. How long have you been doing esports?

E-sporI’ve been playing Esports related games since I was 8, I’ve played Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends and so many other games that are player versus player related, but Wild Rift is my first step in performing professional esports. 

5. How do you think esports different from the classic one?

Classical sports require training as soon as possible, football for example, we already see children of 5 years old playing football and having trainers in order to archive the greatest. Esports, in that way, are kind of similar, young people start as soon as they can and they try to get into the competitive play if they feel about it.
The difference is that Esports are still seen as games, which they are, but when it comes to competitive, as so many other disciplines, they stop being a game and they become serious matter, when this point comes, society still don’t recognize that both Esports and Classical sports require sacrifice, commitment and discipline, not to mention talent and vocation.

In terms of labor terms, Classical sports are already regulated and most of the professional players retire around the age of 35 years old, depending on the sport obviously. In Esports people use to retire at the age of 25 years old, when reflexes, aim and concentration are still good, but not in their prime. 

While regular sports incur in physical body high intensity usage, Esports require high intensity cognitive and brain activity, not only incurring in mental games, but also in precision and reflexes. 

6. Have you ever thought about play sports such as hockey, football, etc.?

When I was young, I used to play football for school league, as right defense and goalkeeper, but I wasn’t motivated enough to keep progressing, since I saw football as something to enjoy playing, but not taking it serious enough. 

7. Are you tempted to try something other than esport? Or is it a profession that will be the same in the future?

Since I’m studying a master, I expect to be a working at a financial risk department or as a financial advisor. However, Esports are growing a lot and I wouldn’t decline to keep staying in this world for long term. 

8. Do you have any other hobbies you like to do?

I like to play videogames, read news, sleep (as everyone), talk with my friends and listen to music (like 5h a day) while I do other things.

9. If you could pick yourself up and fly anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d like to see how US is like, I’m a bit curious about it. 

10. Many people are used to meet a traditional coaches at the age of 40. How is it possible that you became a coach so young?

In Esports, most of the players are 18 to 25 years old. In terms of staff, most of the coaches have 20 years+. Esports are a new thing that is strongly bonded with new generations players are around 20 years.

11. Do you have a personal tip how to become a coach?

There isn’t only 1 sort of coach. First, people should know what coaches do.

There are 3 main sort of coaches, strategical coach, positional coach and the head coach. Strategical coaches, as its name signalizes, are coaches that develop strategies that can be applied in game

Positional coaches handle the positioning of players and the mistakes or not optimal usage of position. A positional coach shall guide and make the player to understand why staying in certain positions is good, bad, or not optimal.

Headcoaches are the coaches that handle the player project and they know about everything, but mostly not fully focused on every aspect of coaching. They are known for being good at group handling and having notions of technical aspects of the game.

12. You already have several Teams you worked with. How did you get on this team?

I’ve been contacted to come to the team, I’ve seen that this is a winner project that needed some fixes and I decided to bet for it. My bet is that we will have a flawless performance at the national event.

13. How do you communicate with the team? In English? What if one of them doesn´t understand? Or do you have a rule that players must speak English?

Every player understands and talks in English when we have training sessions, so language isn’t a problem for us. 

14. Have you ever been to the Czech Republic? What comes to your mind first when you hear Czech Republic?

I’ve never been in Czech Republic, I’m actually quite happy to come. Whenever I hear about Czech Republic, I think about Prague.

15. Do you know any Czech word?


16. The Championship awaits you with the team in Brno in a few weeks. How does the preparation look like?

Scrims are going according to our objectives and we expect this tournament to be an absolute victory for us. 

17. How do you motivate your team to perform well? How often do you train with them?

Motivation is all about progress. Mostly players will get unmotivated if they see that they aren’t progressing. We know most of the people that go to gym, they quit after 1 month because they see no progress. Esports are so much faster, 1 month can make the difference between a decent team and a good team. About training, we use to do 5 scrims a week with 1 or 2 sessions of 2h, where we focus on different aspects.

18. What would you like to say to the fans who support you and look forward to the championship?

We won’t let you down and we will do our best in order to win the national event. Thank you so much for supporting us, no matter form where, why or any reason of why you support us.

Autor: Barbora Benešová